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Many European cities face various forms of violence that can be associated with different types of radicalism. The RAD2CITIZEN project aims to prevent these extremisms by establishing a partnership, led by Toulouse Métropole, with the city of Malaga (Spain), the University of Applied Social Sciences of Salzburg (Austria) and the KEMEA Institute (Greece). Violent acts are increasingly visible, cause misunderstanding, feed citizens' feelings of insecurity and contribute to the loss of trust in the authorities and public policy agents. At the European and territorial level, preventing these violent acts is a challenge. RAD2CITIZEN contributes to responding to this challenge through a better understanding of these phenomena and the co-production of prevention tools aimed at promoting citizens' access to their respective rights. One of the tools foreseen by the project is the creation of the database of the best practices and policies on working with migrants and identity-based conflicts in different countries in the EU and internationally.


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